Light & Prototyping

Early this year 2017, a new passion started to grow. Actually, it’s not that new as I’ve always been fascinated with them: Lights! For the last couple of months, I’ve been gathering ideas, making scribbles and visuals, ordered all kinds of components and materials, tested, tried, failed, and tried again. What I want to do, is to create a Lighting (possible more) brand. At this point I’m still not sure how or if I will do it, because I was focusing on the product(s). Now I not only have about three prototypes in the works, I also have a wide variety of possible follow-ups. And most importantly, I’m positive and excited about them and can’t wait to get started – that’s always a good sign!
By researching I also learned new things about materials and tools. I bought a lathe and rearranged the empty bathroom next to my office into a small workshop so I can build some prototype parts myself.