Cronometrics Launch

I designed an new watch & brand, it’s called CRONOMETRICS.

Sophisticated in design, superior in function, CRONOMETRICS is the new statement timepiece brand that complements and inspires today’s creatively dynamic men and women to shape their lives with imagination and verve.

Purity in design is at the very heart of CRONOMETRICS with the triangle serving as both the centerpiece and core concept. The points represent the tri-color spectrum as well as the three dimensions humans can perceive. The triangle is recognized by designers and engineers as the most stable physical shape. The watches embody both the triangle’s mathematical and geometric abstraction while highlighting the cultural recognition of the number “three” as the very manifestation of creation.

The line’s inherent elegance goes beyond its look of pristine simplicity, deceptively concealing its complex production that exceeds the conventional approach used by most other watch brands. One of several examples is the matched rendering of the metallic color plating and indicator painting as they appear in perfect alignment and combinations on the double layer dial. This and all of its many other features undergo a rigorous set of quality inspections to ensure its exceptional aesthetic as well as the performance of its internal mechanism.

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