Poise Floor

Poise Floor (previously named „Cling“) is a flexible, ring shaped floor lamp. A steel pole coming from the foot plate smoothly transitions into a bent frame that holds a big spotless LED ring.

Available for purchase from KDLN

What ?

Poise Floor is a minimal and flexible floor lamp. The steel pole smoothly transitions from bottom plate into a bent frame that holds a big but very thin & light spotless LED ring. The unique feature is a flexible section between frame and pole, which allows the ring to be moved to any position. Thereby the appearance of the lamp can be changed and adapted to its‘ surrounding. It is constructed with stability in mind: heavy lower steel parts and top aluminium parts sum up to about 2,5 kg of weight.


The light ring is located approximately at grip height when standing up. It can be grabbed at the area of the frame and moved freely. From a visual impression, it can look like the ring is being catched, dropped or flinged by the frame, depending on which direction it leans to. The involvement of a wall also comes into consideration, when it is placed parallel or against it. Each position creates a unique light appearance.


My lamp concepts involve a certain amount of interaction in order to modify the way light is perceived. This should encourage curiosity and human interaction with the light source, instead of just putting it somewhere to rest. I strive for a deeper relationship to the interior product.

Light source: LED, spotless, 3000K, 1500 lumen, 15 W
Height: 1300 – 2000 mm
Base: Ø 250 mm, steel
Pole: Ø 13 mm, steel / aluminium
Ring: Ø 550 mm, aluminum, thickness 6 x 6 mm
Joint: Gooseneck, brass, nylon fabric
Cover: milky polycarbonate
Color: matte black
Weight: 2,5 kg


Being in a prototype stage, this lamp is manufactured in my studio. It is constructed in consideration of stability: lower parts are made of heavy steel, top parts are made of aluminium. This allows it to be stable at all positions and while only weighing about 2,5 kg. Probably the hardest part in the development was to make sure that the transition between the vertical pole and and the ring is smooth and without a change of diameter. The flexible part is constructed using a gooseneck layered with silicon and black woven nylon. For transportability, the pole can be disassembled at the center position, as well as at the floor base.

Poise Floor lamp (previously „Cling“) was awarded the Golden A’Design Award 2021 in the category of Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design.