ALMA is a frame with strap to attach the Apple Airtag to all kinds of stuff, such as: Bikes, motorcycles, pet collars, equipment, bags, shoes, etc. You could also put it around the wirst or ankle of your little child to prevent them from getting lost in crowded spaces.


Flexible and durable black PA 12 Nylon frame
Nylon mesh strap with velcro
Steel loop
Frame: 34 x 31 mm
Strap: Width 20 mm, Length 200 mm
Water Resistant
Airtag not included!
2 years limited warranty

Just place the strap over the frame and push in the Airtag.

In detail: The Airtag is pushed into the frame. Insert one side first and then push down the other. When it snaps in, it sits tight and doesn’t fall out.

Route the strap through the steel loop and attach the velcro part to the strap on the other side. If you want to attach ALMA onto things where the Ø is too low, you can wrap it around double-layered.