Cronometrics Engineer

Concept and Product Design, Photography

Cronometrics Engineer Watch

Product Photography by me, still life and model photo shooting in cooperation with Mikel Muruzabal (Pamplona, Spain).

THE ENGINEER is for the makers, the creatives, the creators. It’s for the life architects who shape their time and space to design their own world. A triangle is the simplest form of a connection between 3 points. It’s the base for every three-dimensional object and therefore a starting point for every creation. The minimal, contemporary and understated form of THE ENGINEER shouldn’t be the final creation, it should inspire you to create. We put a lot of effort in the watch design and try to achieve a natural balance of details and fashion by using interesting material combinations. THE ENGINEER features an Stop Watch function for up to 30 minutes and a 24 hour dial.





Product design, product photography, brand creation.

Cronometrics Architect

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